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Warheads Van Holtens Super Sour Pickle Kit

Warheads Van Holtens Super Sour Pickle Kit

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Brand new Warheads edition of the famous Van Holten's Pickle! Are you a sucker for sour sweets, we have got you covered. You'll be dreaming of this kit for days!


Kit Includes:

  • Pickle of your choice
  • Crazy Sour Spray
  • Warheads Sour Gel
  • Sherbet Dipper Tub
  • Fizzy Roll Ups
  • Juicy Drops Blast
  • Juicy Drops Gummies.

How to eat?

Bite the head of off the pickle, and scoop out some of the insides. Fill inside with Juicy Blasts and gummies, and spray in some sour spray. Wrap Pickle in the fizzy roller, and cover the top in warhead sour gel. Sprinkle on some sherbet and enjoy!


Chose your favourite pickle to combine with the sourness of warheads


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